CoinEgg - Cryptocurrency Exchanger Review review

Coinegg is a cryptocurrency exchange, which is registered in United Kingdom. 

And the principal purpose of the platform is providing services with digital assets. Coinegg provide it without transactions of cryptocurrencies. 

That is why this platform is unattractive for traders who are interested in cryptocurrencies. Coinegg has many different altcoins which are available for trading, using the platform Coinegg. Certainly, the user have possibility to trade with such popular cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Litecoin (LTC) as well as many others. 

Nevertheless, there are many unknown tokens and that is why to get detailed information about these coins you should look deeper because a number of them are not the most valuable coins. In addition, CoinEgg offers very low commissions for trading in comparison with other cryptocurrency exchanges. Moreover, the most important fact to mention is that the platform has never been hacked. 

Coinegg has low level of liquidity on some of their instruments.

Cash-out commission is 1%, and cryptoexchange rates are generally similar to a majority of unknown tokens. 

It should be pointed out that there are many other cryptocurrency exchanges that have much better instruments for trading. Moreover, users consider the platform as insecure cryptocurrency exchange for traders. There is also an absence of proper analytics or diagrams, which would give some information what happens. 

Coinegg — is a quite new cryptocurrency exchange in the Great Britain, but they do not use any fixed currencies. This is not secure platform for those who want to get profit from cryptocurrencies. 

Low pay is a thing which attracts people on this platform. 

They most often don't distract the fact that the developers of the platform doesn't really support anything. From a legal point of view, Coinegg is unsecure. The industry is originally dangerous, but working with CoinEgg is a definite way to put yourself on more problems than can't happen with a more reliable platform. 

The daily trading volume of Coinegg is approximately close to $58 millions of dollars. At the time of writing there are 41 crypto assets listed on Coinegg.


  • Big diversity of crypto assets;
  • Has not been hacked;
  • Low trading commissions.


  • Trading only against BTC;
  • Poor charting.
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